Pamela Anderson Is the Face of Bam Poker

Pamela Anderson Is the Face of Bam Poker June 29, 2012 July 2, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Jun 29, 2012 | Updated on  Jul 2, 2012 by Tim Glocks

Pamela Anderson, the blond and buxom Baywatch star and actress who starred in movies like Barb Wire, has moved to influence a different sphere – namely that of online poker.

The new online poker enterprise is called Bam Poker and has chosen Pam Anderson to be the brand ambassador of the poker offerings. The poker offering is a new virtual gambling arena that will be available to poker players and fans of online poker via Facebook.

The poker game was first created by Elton Pereira, a businessman from Canada along with Jeremy Nichele.

Bam Poker is sure to be a rival for player traffic from Zynga Poker and will give that poker enterprise a lot of stiff competition.

According to Pam Anderson, Bam Poker will be giving its players the opportunity to enjoy a unique way of playing poker on the web and taking online gambling and social interaction to a new level.

Pam Anderson commented,

When I first met Elton and Jeremy, I knew they were on to something special. They weren’t interested in creating just another game. They wanted to take the social elements of online poker in a bold new direction. There is nothing like Bam Poker out there today, and I am excited to be a part of such an innovative platform.

Bam Poker will be competing with Zynga, who has been enjoying a monopoly of the social online poker sector on Facebook. So far, since Bam Poker has gone online and has become accessible to players and has recorded player traffic of about 200 active members using it monthly. However, Zynga has recorded figures of 35 million users on a monthly basis and this shows that there is long way left for Bam Poker to go. However, with the help of Pam Anderson, the online poker enterprise may be able to go forward as she promotes the brand and encourages players to try it out while creating awareness about its existence.

Bam Poker has only been around for a few months now and was instituted in January this year. It should be able to do much better with an improved marketing campaign and strategy. This new approach with Anderson should allow for better press and more poker player traffic. According to the CEO Pereira “Bam Poker encourages active user engagement and strong community spirit, something we feel has been missing from the online poker world.”

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