Poker Night in America To Be Sponsored By 888

Poker Night in America To Be Sponsored By 888 July 2, 2014 July 2, 2014 Tim Glocks
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Poker Night In AmericaRegistered in the UK, 888 is a company that owns a number of gambling websites that are popular throughout the world. The company has been in business since 1997 and has constantly looked for innovative ways to expand and promote its products and services.

888 have always looked to form partnerships with companies that high visibility and celebrities that can help promote the brand and its services. 888 was recently in the news for canceling its sponsorship deal with Uruguay’s Luis Suarez who was banned by FIFA for biting an Italian player during their football match.

888 who signed Suarez only 6 months earlier decided to cancel his contract immediately because it found his conduct and behavior in front of an estimated television audience of 1 billion people to be completely offensive and not in line with the image 888 wants to portray.

The company recently announced that it would continue collaborating and building its brand image by partnering with Poker Night in America (PNIA). 888 has entered into an official sponsorship deal with the All-American Poker Network (AAPN) and will look to enter the US online gambling market and capture a significant portion of the market share.

In a statement, Todd Anderson, the founder and president of PNIA said

This agreement represents the perfect symbiosis between poker as televised entertainment, and the growing market of online gaming led by one of the world’s premier providers. With 888’s deep poker experience and AAPN’s strong US-market positioning, we can bridge from live-action to a much larger market of players, consumers, and viewers.

888 is reported to have over 10 million users and 888poker is considered to be the second biggest online gambling network after PokerStars. By sponsoring the PNIA, 888 will bring its brand once again before a televised audience that will primarily consist of poker players and enthusiasts. 888 believes that this collaboration with PNIA will not only help its brand image but also increase the number of leads generated and player participation.

Poker Night In America completed its first broadcast on the 29th of June and an additional 25 episodes are scheduled to be aired every Sunday. Poker players and those wanting to learn the game of poker will do well to tune into PNIA which gives you a detailed overview of the poker industry, player profiles and much more. To find out more information, please visit

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