New BetVictor Poker Gives Out More Than EUR750,000 on Bad Beat Jackpot

New BetVictor Poker Gives Out More Than EUR750,000 on Bad Beat Jackpot March 25, 2013 March 25, 2013 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Mar 25, 2013 | Updated on  Mar 25, 2013 by Tim Glocks

BetVictor Bad Beat JackpotBetVictor is one of the premier independent bookmaking and gaming groups having offices in London, the Far East and Gibraltar. The company has been offering a number of popular gaming products that have been customized to suit the needs out there in there in the market.

The latest BetVictor Poker Bad Beat Jackpot which was launched last week has become extremely popular as within the first few days of its launch, it has already been won thrice and has paid out has paid out high amounts of euro to its winners. The first jackpot occurred on March 19th, when the jackpot was won at EUR924,727.51 by a nine-high straight flush which then beaten by a jack-high straight flush at a EUR0.25/EUR0.50 cent table.

The loser of the hand which was the winner of the bad beat received EUR370,788.79. This in turn went on to trigger a huge bad beat in itself, since the eventual winner of the hand did not optin to the Jackpot for his two cent stake and went on to miss out on EUR184,945.50 which was then transferred to seed the next Jackpot. The individual had to be happy with only the EUR81 from the original pot itself.

The other two players who had actually opted in at respective the table were given EUR47,134.16 and the remaining players who had opted in, were given the same stake (EUR0.25/0.50c) and were paid EUR897.79 for each table based on the same stakes for which they had earlier opted in.

Andy Horne, head of poker at BetVictor, said,

What an incredible start to our new Bad Beat Jackpot. We couldn’t have written a script as dramatic with the Jackpot paying out three times in four days, winners losing, losers winning and EUR426,000 going unclaimed. It really is the definition of ‘you have to be in to win’ and we’d encourage all our cash game poker players to hit the ‘opt in’ button or potentially face the bad beat story of a lifetime!

From the 19th of March, those players who would like to get involved with the Bad Beat Jackpot, will have to make use of the new ‘opt-in’ option available at all cash tables which are above EUR0.10/EUR0.20c. After they have opted-in, they will have to contribute 2c to the Jackpot for each hand played.

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