Andrew Jones Takes the Title for William Hill’s Welsh Amateur Poker Championship

Andrew Jones Takes the Title for William Hill’s Welsh Amateur Poker Championship May 29, 2012 May 29, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  May 29, 2012 | Updated on  May 29, 2012 by Tim Glocks

William Hill, one of the most reputed online poker rooms in the United Kingdom, recently hosted a poker championship for amateur poker players called the APAT Welsh Amateur Poker Championship.

The lucky poker amateur player to win this poker tournament was Andrew Jones as he participated in the event over the weekend and competed against several of the top poker amateur players in the region.

The poker tourney championship event was held at the G Casino in Cardiff and the event was run by William Hill.

Over a hundred poker players from all over the country attended the tourney, which was the second stop on the tour of the APAT which is now in its sixth season.

Some of the top players in the tourney included the likes of Warren Jones, who won the title of the Player of the year for the APAT and Gareth Jones, who was the Amateur Champion for the Welsh APAT last year. The event featured a buy in a little less than £85 and eventually the poker pot for the event grew to the size of 15,000 within a few minutes. The event went on for a course of 2 days over the weekend and by the time the first day was over, a field of poker players numbering 122 in total was brought to 31 players. The day had 13 levels that the players went through and the chip leaders of the day were JP Round and Garry Wildin.

The second day of the APAT William Hill’s Welsh Amateur Poker Championship saw strong players competing at the green table. Players went in and double their chip stacks and the chip count went high until the finalists were determined.

The final players who would compete in the main event of the championship numbered nine and Andrew Jones was the not the chip leader of this pack but rather the underdog with as little as 97,000 of chips, while Kevin O’Driscoll has 113,700 and other players like Dan Carpenter had as much as 372,900.

Other poker players who also competed in the finals were David Jacksonand Jason Stephens, the latter f the two had a little of a 100,000 worth of chips while Warren Jones still had a strong position from the previous day with as much as 246,400 in chips.

Eventually, Jones won the event taking in the first place prize of £2,750.

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