Belgian Kevin Vandersmissen Wins Irish Poker Open 2012

Belgian Kevin Vandersmissen Wins Irish Poker Open 2012 April 10, 2012 May 4, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Apr 10, 2012 | Updated on  May 4, 2012 by Tim Glocks

Kevin VandersmissenThe Irish Poker Open of 2012 is finally over and the lucky winner of this large poker tourney is none other than one of the youngest poker professionals from Belgium – Kevin Vandersmissen.
The player got very lucky and showed his skills at the final table of the Irish Poker Open and defeated more than 500 other poker players to take the top prize.

The Irish Poker Open 2012 by Paddy Power Poker featured a buy in of €3,500 in total and saw hundreds of poker players participate in the event; the final prize money for the first place winner was €420,000, which Vandersmissen was more than happy to walk away with.

Vandersmissen is not new to the international poker tournament scene and has already accrued over $1 million from playing other tournament poker events. He has racked up such an impressive amount over the course of two years and is getting better with experience.]

In this year’s Irish Poker Open, Kevin Vandersmissen started out as the underdog and in addition to be being one of the youngest poker players at the table, was also in the short stack section of players and did not have the chip lead. Thomas Beer, a German poker player had the chip lead and had held it for a long time over the course of the poker tourney. However, Vandersmissen slowly worked his way to the top, eliminating poker player after player until he stole the lead from Thomas Beer and defeated him.

The final battle came down to Thomas Beer and Kevin Vandersmissen and went on for as long as 20 hands. Vandersmissen had secured a strong position at the table when he beat David “Dixie” Dean and increased his stack. This allowed him to use his stack to defeat Beer by going all in with his 7 million and more chips before the Turn. However, when neither the Turn nor the River ended up as favorable for Beer, Vandersmissen was able to win.

The Belgian poker player was thrilled with his win and prize money,

“I feel very happy. It’s my 1st sizeable competition that I’ve triumphed. I tried to perform to the best of my ability. . I had to double up at the start and had to play very tight but as you could see I am prepared to bluff when need be”

he said.

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