Poker Coach Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald To Publish New Book

Poker Coach Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald To Publish New Book December 3, 2015 December 3, 2015 Tim Glocks
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Alex "Assassinato" FitzgeraldPoker pro Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald may not be very well known on the live poker circuit but he has built a strong online reputation for himself both as a player and as a professional online poker coach. The Hendon Mob states that Fitzgerald’s total live earnings is just a little over $500,000 and his online poker earnings is well over $3 million.

Fitzgerald has been an online poker coach for over a decade and since then has coached over one thousand players from all over the world in his special ‘Assassinato Coaching’.

Over the years, Fitzgerald has shared his unique insight into poker coaching and strategy by publishing a number of blog posts and writing some great magazine articles.

Fitzgerald decided to team up with D&B Publishing to write and publish a new book called ‘The Myth of Poker Talent: Why Anyone Can Be a Great Poker Player’. The book is expected to be over 300 pages and will share special knowledge and insight that Fitzgerald has gained over the years. The book is expected to be released in the United States during August 2016 and will be released in Europe during September 2016.

D&B Publishing believes that this book will be of great help to amateur as well as professional poker pros as it will help them excel at poker. The crux of the book is that you don’t need to have a special talent to be a successful poker pro but instead need to stop concentrating on specific hands and learn to read generic poker situations a lot better. The book is written in a quick to read and easy to learn style of writing. Some of the other interesting aspects of the book include how to build a poker model from scratch, learning and understanding how to use every poker tool at your disposal and why a lot of what experienced poker players rely on is preventing them from winning.

In a statement, Fitzgerald said

The vast majority of poker literature and videos are worthless. I will give you the most complete blueprint I can to teach you how I play, but I’ll show you how I came to my ideas, so you can make changes if you so desire. I am encouraging you to out think me and improve upon my model; I’m not trying to convince you why my ideas are the best. I want you to test them yourself and find they are the best

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