Israeli based Optimove Partners With Indian Online Poker Operator Adda52

Israeli based Optimove Partners With Indian Online Poker Operator Adda52 July 4, 2014 July 4, 2014 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Jul 4, 2014 | Updated on  Jul 4, 2014 by Tim Glocks logoEven though online poker is now a global industry, it has a relatively small market in India and very few online gambling companies have ventured into this market. is currently the biggest online poker site in India and is looking to find effective ways of increasing the popularity in India and thereby building up a strong database of Indian poker players. boasts of having 1 million players but realizes that it needs to capture a much bigger market share, considering the fact that India has over 1.2 billion people.

Rummy and Poker are some of the most popular games on the website. The company decided to collaborate with Optimove, an Israeli based company that specializes in marketing and retention of online poker players.

Optimove are specialists when it comes to promoting online gambling activities and are used by a number of reputed brands including 888Poker. They will now assist in developing an innovative marketing strategy and then focus on customer satisfaction and retention.

Anuj Gupta, founder and director of Adda52 considered the collaboration with Optimove to be a strategic move in growing and expanding Adda52’s customer base. In a statement, Gupta said

Optimove is an end to end marketing and costumer segmentation software provider in the online gaming niche. With their experience with online poker companies, they bring on board a repertoire of software products which will ensure we understand what our customer, the poker player, wants

Gupta believe that the collaboration with Optimove will also help the company analyze critical data that will help them study their promotions and their return on investment. The data analysis will further help Adda52 customize its promotions and offers to better serve the needs of its customers. Optimove’s behavioral analytics solution will capture all the relevant data that Adda52 requires and provide them with the results and effectiveness of each promotional campaign.

Although online poker is relatively new to the Indian market, the competition is slowly growing and online gambling companies are looking to stay ahead of the game and firmly establish themselves. One of Adda52’s competitors is Mirch Entertainment who focuses mostly on rummy. However, Mirch Entertainment recently launched an online poker game after collaborating with Cubeia, a Sweedish firm that assists online gambling companies with their operations. Adda52 relies a lot on social media and email marketing campaigns to advertise and promote online gambling in India. The collaboration with Optimove will further help them enhance their promotional campaigns and end results.

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