partypoker MILLIONS Festival Kicks Off Next Month

partypoker MILLIONS Festival Kicks Off Next Month September 26, 2016 July 19, 2018 David Edwards
Posted on  Sep 26, 2016 | Updated on  Jul 19, 2018 by David Edwards

Party PokerPartypoker recently announced the launch of its mega poker festival called partypoker MILLIONS. The multi-venue no-limit hold’em event will cover both live and online formats and will offer the main event winner prize winnings of £1 million. The main event will be held in April 2017.

The partypoker MILLIONS festival comes with a guaranteed prize pool of £5 million and an initial buy-in of just £500. In order to build its enormous prize pool, the tournament will have several Day 1s and Day 2s, encouraging players to play as much as they wish even if they have progressed ahead.

The players will be carrying forward the maximum stack won in any round and the rest of their winnings will have to be forfeited.

Day 1s will be hosted both online and in live casinos. The online edition will be available at the partypoker website while the live edition will be available at the Dusk Till Dawn casino in the UK, as well as several casinos across the world. The first Day 1 live event will kick off at Dusk Till Dawn on Oct. 2 while partypoker will host the first online Day 1 on Oct. 4.

The players buying in £500 for Day 1 will receive 100,000 chips and will be playing a blind structure starting 250/500. Those still with chips after 14 levels will move to Day 2 where blinds are 2,500/5,000. The Day 2s are being held online at partypoker and live at Dusk Till Dawn, apart from a special Day 2 at the upcoming Caribbean Poker Party. Players will also have the option to buy directly into Day 2 with a buy-in of £5,300, which will get them 1 million chips.

Host Mike Sexton, a partypoker Ambassador, has said that he's excited to be a part of the tournament.

In a statement Mike Sexton, said

I am absolutely thrilled to host and bring back the partypoker MILLIONS in its original format with £1,000,000 guaranteed to the winner. This multi-venue, live and online event gives players the chance to qualify all over the world and win a share of the huge £5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool. This will be THE event of 2017 which I will not be missing and means a lot to me as this is how my partypoker journey started.

Partypoker is offering a special launch promotion where the first 100 players progressing to Day 2 will receive a cash bonus of £550. This does not come out of the prize pool but is sponsored by partypoker and Dusk Till Dawn.

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