Poker Hall of Fame Inducts Sailor Roberts and Eric Drache

Poker Hall of Fame Inducts Sailor Roberts and Eric Drache October 19, 2012 October 19, 2012 Tim Glocks
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The Poker Hall of Fame is an institution which confers honour and renown upon its members, most of whom enjoy a sort of celebrity status among the poker industry once they secure the membership.

Every year, the Poker Hall of Fame selects suitable candidates and then after a vote inducts two of them into their ranks.

The two players to be inducted this year were the late Sailor Roberts and the very much alive Eric Drache.

Doyle Brunson – an old school poker professional and Hall of Famer, who had played with Roberts, supported the name of Brian Sailor Roberts being included in the Poker Hall Of Fame and encouraged others to vote for him.

The living members of the Poker Hall Of Fame that will be voting for Sailor Roberts are me, (Jack) Binion, (Bobby) Baldwin, (Mike) Sexton, (Erik) Seidel, (Billy) Baxter, (Lyle) Berman, he stated. After this he also managed to get Dewey Tomko, Crandell Addington and T.J. Cloutier to confirm their votes for Roberts.

He also mentioned other names like Phil Hellmuth, Berry Johnston, Johnny Chan, Dan Harrington and Barry Greenstein and stated that he hoped they would vote for Roberts.

Indeed, it would seem that the legendary Roberts who played with Brunson will also be deservedly honoured. Sailor Roberts and Eric Drache will now be the 43rd and 44th players to get into the Poker Hall of Fame.

Drache, who was responsible for the idea of the Poker Hall of Fame, commented on the latest addition.

I’m not only surprised and honoured to have been selected, I’m also a bit embarrassed considering the other nominees…When Jack Binion and myself worked on creating the Hall of Fame, I never considered myself a potential candidate. I’m particularly happy for the family of Sailor Roberts. Sailor by everyone’s account, including my own personal observations, was a great player and played many games very well.

According to Crandell Addington, who holds his own position in the Poker Hall of Fame, Sailor Roberts was a pioneer in high roller poker.

In a time fifty years ago when poker players relied on luck, Sailor was developing sophisticated strategies that would enable him to make his own luck. At a time in which professional poker players were viewed as outlaws and poker was illegal, he formed a partnership with Doyle and Slim and they travelled across the country from poker game to poker game. They deployed advanced strategies unknown at the time that featured playing their opponents hands on many occasions rather than their own hands. More often than not, they got the money.

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