Spanish Football Players Get Robbed After Strip Poker Game In Brazil

Spanish Football Players Get Robbed After Strip Poker Game In Brazil June 25, 2013 June 25, 2013 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Jun 25, 2013 | Updated on  Jun 25, 2013 by Tim Glocks

Spain Football TeamSpain is currently in Brazil taking part in the FIFA Confederations cup and doing reasonably well. On the 16th of July, the Spaniards took on Uruguay and defeated them 2-1 after a well fought game. Reports have confirmed that a number of players decided to celebrate their win by partying at the Hotel Golden Tulip Recife Palace.

After the party, some of the players are reported to have taken a group of women back up to their rooms to engage in a game of strip poker. The next morning, the players reported that they had a few items missing from their room including cash. The players raised a complaint to the hotel management and the hotel started questioning the hotel staff.

However, after a lengthy investigation, the hotel management ruled out the staff and decided to investigate further by getting CCTV confirmation. The cameras revealed a group of women coming together with the players later night. When the players were questioned, the game about strip poker came up and later to hush things up, Eduardo Barbosa the relationship manager of the Hotel Golden Tulip and Spain’s security chief, Raul Jimenez decided to keep things quiet.

CCTV images revealed that a number of women going into the players’ rooms, where members of La Furia Roja had paid a band to play pagoda. The players were having a good time drinking Caipirinha and beer. After the band stopped playing at 1am, 5 team members and one technical staff took another group of women to a separate room where they have reported started playing strip poker.

The hotel has decided to keep these images confidential as there is an investigation being launched. This is because even though the hotel management and the Spanish team have agreed to keep this under wraps, Brazil’s Secretary of Social Defence decided to take up the issue. He has now reportedly requested the Tourism Police to start an investigation into this matter, so that they can find out what really happened. Once the police gather more evidence, they will release it to the press as deemed fit.

This publicity is not what the Spanish team wanted ahead of their important semi-final match against Italy, especially because the amount missing is considered to be small. The Spanish team has moved on to Fortaleza and are hoping to put this incident behind them as well.

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