How To Win in 888poker’s Superstorm Freeroll Tournaments

How To Win in 888poker’s Superstorm Freeroll Tournaments September 15, 2020 September 15, 2020 Carolyn J Dawson
Posted on  Sep 15, 2020 | Updated on  Sep 15, 2020 by Carolyn J Dawson

888poker Millions Superstorm Series888poker is currently hosting its biggest festival to date, the Millions Superstorm, which features a total of 460 events spread across a month of intense online action, with a combined guaranteed prize pool of over $8 million.

The massive festival culminates in the $320 Superstorm Main Event which comes with a huge $1 million guaranteed prize money. Starting flights for this event have already got underway and players have until the start of Day 2 on the final day of the festival (October 11) to enter via the Day 1 route.

Those who’d like to take a shot for a more affordable price may qualify via satellites, but they can also win their way into the event with zero investment by taking part in freerolls.

888poker is giving away freeroll tickets daily in many different ways, but players must remember that freeroll satellites are quite different from other tournaments, and for this reason, they must adopt a different mindset in order to win.



Follow These Tips From Vivian Saliba

888poker Ambassador Vivian Saliba says winning a poker tournament involves an element of luck. However, she says players can do well by making the right decisions coupled with proper game selection can turn things around and can significantly improve a player’s win rate.

Saliba said freeroll tournaments are a perfect way for players to boost their bankroll without risking any money. They work best especially for those who are just starting out in their respective poker careers. The Brazilian poker pro is giving some tips to help players with their freerolls journey.

Since freeroll tournaments require zero investment, some players become complacent because there’s no money involved in the first place. But by doing so, they’re wasting their chances of obtaining positive results. Saliba advises players to take freerolls seriously as these tournaments offer a way for them to get into huge events where they can eventually win life-changing money.

As you take the game seriously, go for a strategy that enhances your chances of winning. While there will definitely be a lot of players who will play in a careless manner because they’re not paying anything for it, there are also those who just like to win. So be careful with the decisions that you make. Play tight – you can come up with a big bet if you’re holding favorable cards. Bluffing too much isn’t a good idea.

Like any other tournament, freerolls involve win-lose scenarios. Busting is inevitable. Accept the fact that you might not make it till the final battle, so don’t be afraid to take risks at some point, as it allows you to put pressure against your opponents, which could potentially give you better results.

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