New Jersey Gambling Revenue Up, Despite Online Poker Decline

New Jersey Gambling Revenue Up, Despite Online Poker Decline December 13, 2018 December 13, 2018 Carolyn J Dawson
Posted on  Dec 13, 2018 | Updated on  Dec 13, 2018 by Carolyn J Dawson

new jersey pokerNew Jersey’s online gambling revenue for the month of November reached an all-new high for a single month’s takings, once again breaking its own record.

Operators within the state combined together to bring in a total of almost $27 million via online casino and poker platforms. While this isn’t dramatically more than the revenue from the previous month, it still sees New Jersey improving on itself. Yet, it was online casino gaming that accounted for over $25 million of that total revenue.

The revenue from the online gambling scene in New Jersey represents the state’s highest monthly income since its launch back in 2013. Standalone casino revenue for the month of November stood at $25,382,434, with online poker making up the remainder. This means that the combined revenue from the online gambling scene in the state was up by more than 30% when compared with November 2017.

The Golden Nugget platform remains as New Jersey’s best-performing online casino, boasting a total of $9.2 million of the overall revenue – almost $5 million more than second-place finisher, Borgata.

The positivity didn’t spread across to the online poker sector in the state, though. The industry fell to a record low in November, bringing in barely $1.5 million in revenue for New Jersey. If it continues on this way, online poker will be dragged down towards the zero mark, which spells doom for the US poker scene in general.

Where is US Poker Going Wrong?

New Jersey provides players with three top online poker sites, including both PokerStars and PartyPoker. Yet, both of these platforms have witnessed declines on a month-to-month basis. The only one showing a minor increase was the 888 Poker offering. Of course, this poker room remains as the sole beneficiary of interstate poker in New Jersey for the time being. In fact, 888 is the only brand showing any kind of year-on-year growth in the poker industry.

A lot of hope now rests with the poker scene in Pennsylvania, which many are looking to to join the same interstate network. Potentially, this could help with the revenue situation in NJ, although, of course, it has to survive long enough to justify keeping the multi-state poker network running. That’s not going to be so easy, considering that most people have suggested that Pennsylvania won’t get to enter the network until at least 2020.

Due to the fact that the three states already involved in the poker network – New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware – have such small poker communities in comparison to other locations, it seems as though the interstate pact isn’t working out as well as hoped. Should Pennsylvania manage to insert itself into that, it will likely flood the network with a mass of avid gamers. Time will tell if this will happen, and if it does, how successful it will be.

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