US Poker Sites – List of Poker sites that accept players from USA

There is no sure way of knowing whether a certain poker site is a scam or can be trusted. Nevertheless, there are several indicators which have managed to characterize and distinguish the good from the bad ones over the years.

For one, the site’s reputation is a major aspect that should be taken into serious consideration. The Internet has enabled poker players to contact their fellows from all parts of the world, which makes it extremely easy for them to share experiences.

Rumours and unclear events connected to poker sites is never a good sign, especially if they are regarding the payment process. The best thing you could do is try to find older poker sites which have been around for some time in order to find enough player experiences.

Top US Poker Sites for June 2018

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Secondly, you shouldn’t disregard the player traffic. Considering the fact that these sites are mostly offshore, you need to make sure there is enough action at any time of the day and night. Due to the time zones, this might turn out to be a problem for some players who may need to stay up all night just to catch the busiest hours.

Lastly, you shouldn’t forget the ‘game’ element in all this. Online poker sites which try to keep their games recreationally friendly and provably fair are much safer for all kinds of poker players. Their major concern is preventing the sharks from preying on the fish.

Ultimately, the best online poker sites don’t have a straightforward formula which can help you recognize them. Try to gain as much experience as possible without risking too much money in order to be able to get the most out of any online poker site, US or offshore.

US Poker Licensing Requirements

Although the UIGEA made it quite difficult for online poker rooms to offer their services to US players, there are still those which manage to keep providing players with reliable poker games. One great indicator of a poker site’s reliability is its license. Since online poker in the US is restricted to the states of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware for the time being, their citizens are the only ones that can enjoy online poker sites licensed in their respective states. Namely, the Nevada poker sites are licensed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board while Delaware and New Jersey fall under the New Jersey Casino Control Commission.

The remaining US majority of online poker players have turned to offshore poker sites which are licensed by authorities from their countries of origin. Even though their number has drastically reduced since Black Friday, there are still a number of offshore poker sites which cater to their US clients.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

This aspect of the online poker experience has always been of great concern for both poker sites and players. The former try to maintain a safe harbor for any flow of money while the latter concern themselves with the withdrawal process the most. After all, their winnings are often more substantial than their deposit sums.

US online poker players are able to choose from a wide range of depositing and withdrawing options. Even though the UIGEA has made some problems since it banned US institutions from funding any online gambling site. Online poker players have managed to overcome these troubles over the years, as they are now able to transfer funds with any type of plastic – credit, deposit or even a gift card. The latest discovery of prepaid debit cards which can be found at any larger outlet seem to be the ultimate solution.

For those who are less willing to provide their bank account details to their poker site, there are options such as money transfers – Western Union and MoneyGram, or wire transfers. Some poker sites even offer personally delivered checks.

Nowadays, the invention of e-wallets has made their life even easier. These digital wallets enable US gamblers to transfer funds without sharing any information apart from their email address. And with the added introduction of bitcoins, there is nothing in the way of US players who want to keep themselves safe from cyber robberies.

US Poker Currency Issues

Considering the fact that most US players live in countries where online poker is unregulated or completely banned, they turn to the offshore poker sites which are often spread internationally. This means that they need to adapt to the needs of other players from different countries.

One major problem in this regard is the currency issue. US poker players prefer their USD currency over any converter which enables them to calculate the difference. Therefore, you could say that this is a factor you can rely on when selecting your new online poker site. The best ones tend to include all the major currencies as a possible option, as well as several minor from countries which have large numbers of poker players.


No, it is completely legal for citizens of the United States to play poker online. There was a great deal of confusion when Black Friday struck the poker world and the United States especially, but there is nothing that says internet poker is illegal. It is somewhat of a grey area to most as whether it should be legal and taxed or stay the way it was. Certainly within the next year the grey area will be cleared and new poker sites will emerge as leaders in the United States. If you are from New Jersey have a look at list of licensed New Jersey poker sites

The UIGEA was a bill passed way back in 2006 that is called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This was a questionable bill passed by President Bush and it leaves the law to be interpreted by online poker players. It’s amazing that it took five years for the government to shut down the major United States poker sites after passing this bill. Online poker in the United States has been crushed since Black Friday, but when it rebounds it will do so in a big way.

There are 9 states in total which are drafting bills or have voted on them. These are Mississippi, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Hawaii, Michigan, Pennsylvania, California and New Hapshire.

Yes, there are multiple poker tournaments you can choose at the online poker rooms which are open for US players.

US players should be able to claim any deposit, no deposit or other kind of poker bonuses without any problems.

This depends on the poker site. If your chosen online poker site has been adapted for mobile devices or has an app you can install, you should be able to play.

Generally, US states have imposed taxes for any gambling games, even though they vary from one state to the other. Keeping records of all transactions should help you immensely.