Chris Moorman Is Officially Biggest Winner of Online Poker Tournaments

Chris Moorman Is Officially Biggest Winner of Online Poker Tournaments August 7, 2014 August 7, 2014 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Aug 7, 2014 | Updated on  Aug 7, 2014 by Tim Glocks

Chris MoormanOnline poker is legal is most countries and just about anyone who is interested in playing online poker has the ability to do so. However, not everyone who plays online poker ends up winning.

Infact, it is quite the opposite as most online poker players find it extremely hard to be consistent in their winnings. Yet, there are some who have learnt to significantly increase the odds in their favor when it comes to playing online poker.

One of these players is Chris Moorman, who recently won his 21st online Triple Crown and in doing so also created a record of being the biggest winner of online poker tournaments and has earned in excess of $11 million playing poker online. Any player, who wins three major tournaments at 3 different poker websites within a period of 7 days, gets awarded the online Triple Crown title.

Moorman who is British has had a relatively dry season in 2014 and has not won any major online tournaments this year. However, all Moorman needed was one special week and he went on to create history in the world of online poker. Moorman won the Benjamin on Full Tilt for $6,500, the €10,000 Guaranteed Rebuy on the iPoker Network for $3,600 and the High Roller event on This is the 4th time that Moorman is winning the Winamax High Roller.

Moorman will be extremely happy with the win and the publicity it has brought him as he is currently in the process of launching his book entitled “Moorman’s Book of Poker” He has co-authored this book with Byron Jacobs and is expected to hit stores in the U.S during Nov 2014.

The book will be released in Europe during the month of December.

The book has over 50,000 words and has key strategies that Moorman has used over his career to become the highest ever paid online poker player. In a statement, Chris Moorman said

I thought it would be interesting to look at hands and let people see it from two different perspectives. I’ve been working so hard on my game for the last seven to eight years and am ready to share what I have learned with other hard-working grinders that just need a little help to keep moving forward. There is no other book like this out there, and it just seemed like a perfect fit for me

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