Poker Player To Try And Make Up Losses Caused by Tornado at WSOP

Poker Player To Try And Make Up Losses Caused by Tornado at WSOP May 28, 2013 May 28, 2013 Tim Glocks
Posted on  May 28, 2013 | Updated on  May 28, 2013 by Tim Glocks

David McKennaOn the 20th of May, a devastating tornado ran through the state of Oklahoma and caused millions of dollars of damage. One of the mains towns that got affected was the town of Moore, where David McKenna, a well known poker player resides.

Although he is not a professional full time poker player, McKenna has won more than $250,000 during his part time poker career. The tornado, destroyed his house and just about everything he owns but McKenna escaped since he was at work.

Reports now have confirmed that 24 people have been confirmed dead and 377 people have been seriously injured by the tornado. While McKenna is grateful that neither he nor his loved ones were injured, his house and other belongings which he purchased through his poker winnings are now gone.

McKenna told reporters that he is now in a place where he does not want to rebuild his house and pick up the pieces but he prefers to start new. He and his girlfriend, will soon move in together and start a new life, wherever that maybe.

McKenna had a five bedroom house that comprised of two floors. After the tornado tore down his house, all he had left was his truck and the clothes he had on. He is expected to get around $10,000 from the insurance company as compensation and he plans to use this money to enter into the WSOP event and try his hand and poker once again. McKenna is contemplating spending more time on the poker circuit and is confident that he can start winning again.

One of the reasons why McKenna is contemplating taking poker more seriously is because the tornado has wiped him out literally. He has to start with a clean slate and he prefers to focus on freeroll poker tournaments, after all it was poker that helped him earn over $250,000 that he used to build and furnish his home.

McKenna admitted that the impact of the devastation is still yet to hit him. However, at 47 he is has learnt enough to know that he cannot afford to look back and stay in regret. He is going to stay positive and enter the WSOP tournament that is taking place in Las Vegas, where he will try his best to recuperate his losses.

McKenna also spoke highly of the community in Oklahoma who have come together to help families who have been devastated and hopes he can also contribute in some way.

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