Ultimate Poker Software Problems Could Hurt Them In the Long Run

Ultimate Poker Software Problems Could Hurt Them In the Long Run May 27, 2013 May 28, 2013 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
Posted on  May 27, 2013 | Updated on  May 28, 2013 by Tim Glocks

Ultimate PokerIt was no secret that just about every company wanted to be the first online poker website to launch in the state of Nevada. On the 29th of April, Ultimate Poker beat the competition and became the first online poker website to offer online gaming to the residents of Nevada.

However, in its rush to become the first company to launch and capture market share, Ultimate Poker might have overlooked a few but key software issues. While the traffic stats prove that the Ultimate Poker is indeed doing well, player feedback remains a concern.

Ultimate Poker since its launch, has gone on to launch close to 200 cash games and players have run into a number of issues, most noticeably the geolocation problems which ensure that only players who are located in the state of Nevada have the ability to login. Other issues include the fact that Verizon cell phone customers were unable to get access to the website.

These issues have proven to upset players based on the feedback and forum interactions. What this means is that if other online companies such as Caesars manage to launch their online poker website, a number of Ultimate Poker players will try to their hand at these websites to see if they can have a smoother and richer customer experience.

If websites such as the Caesar based WSOP.com manage to offer an overall betting gaming experience, Ultimate Poker will soon lose a number of players as they shift their loyalty to find a better gaming experience. Caesars have been careful to monitor the player feedback that has come in from Ultimate Poker’s website and are doing everything they can to ensure that their online software does not have the same issues.

Another issue that cropped up with Ultimate Poker was a serious bug that came to the surface when two similar cards appeared on the flop at an Ultimate Poker table. World Series of Poker took this serious and one of its executives announced that online poker players in Nevada expected a “first-class product” and that is one of the reasons why the WSOP did not rush into an online launch. Caesar is working with 888.com to ensure that their WSOP launch features only one nine of spades in the virtual deck.

Ultimate Poker, on the other hand have analysed player feedback and doing everything they can to improve their online software as they are currently in their 30 day testing period.

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