PokerStars Completes New Tournament Lobby Software Upgrade

PokerStars Completes New Tournament Lobby Software Upgrade October 18, 2023 October 18, 2023 Doug Carter
Posted on  Oct 18, 2023 | Updated on  Oct 18, 2023 by Doug Carter

Pokerstars New Tournament Lobby, October 2023Summary:

  • PokerStars rolled out a new software update this week
  • The new update makes significant changes to the tournament lobby
  • Tournament data presentation is a lot more streamlined and better optimized

PokerStars holds the reputation for being the number one online poker room in the world as it checks a lot of boxes.

Apart from offering players exciting poker tournaments, new formats and huge guarantees, the online poker giant also invests heavily to ensure that its online poker software continues to remain world class.

New Tournament Lobby Software Upgrade

PokerStars carried out a new software upgrade earlier this week and most of the changes were focused on upgrading its tournament lobby. Those changes covered a number of areas which included improving the overall aesthetics of the poker room, streamlining and optimizing tournament data, offering players betting accessibility and enhancing the overall user experience.

Poker players will easily notice the difference especially with the new tournament list view that can be found in the Tourney lobby. The operator has now merged the columns for Start and State which will help players quickly identify which tournaments are under the Late Reg state as it will be highlighted in red.

Tournaments offering late registration to players will also have a timer displayed to tell players how many minutes they have remaining to register. This is a big plus for players who are looking to monitor tournaments they can join at the last minute.

Apart from tournament lobby changes, the new software upgrade will also make changes to the settings interface. The biggest change is the addition of a search option that will help players search and locate precise settings.

PokerStars Testing Things Out In The UK Market

UK poker players are likely to find these changes more visible as their tournament lobby will have an increased row height for their tournament listings which will make it easier for players to read text. However, British poker players will have to compromise on the number of tournaments they will be able to see on one screen which will be limited to around 15 tournaments per scroll, compared to the 40 plus tournaments before the software upgrade.

PokerStars used its official Discord server to inform UK poker players that it is currently testing out its software upgrade and will look to gather player feedback before deciding to roll out its software upgrade across all markets.

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