United Kingdom Poker Sites – List of poker sites for players from UK

There are a number of different sites to choose from when you live in the United Kingdom. You can choose from big sites, or small sites. As far as online poker goes in the United Kingdom there are some of the biggest sites in the world and some of the smallest sites in the world. The reason is because of expanded player bases and some sites that only let players from a handful of regions play.

Best Online UK Poker Sites for June 2018

Terms and Conditions apply. Must be +18 to participate.

All Poker Rooms are Licensed , Mobile Friendly


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UK Poker Licensing Requirements

This is a crucial aspect for any online poker player and gambler in general. It applies to all countries around the world where online gambling is a possibility. Basically, the licensing requirements dictate that the online poker room has to meet certain conditions and reach a standard in order to provide suitable services. This protects the players from any inconveniences and boosts the site’s credibility.

In the case of the UK, this matter has been completely regulated. An authoritative body named the UK Gambling Commission is responsible for providing licenses based on in-depth tests and analyses. Once the application has been submitted and the Commission issues a license, there is still extensive monitoring in order to keep the players’ rights intact. So you could say that UK players are some of the most protected online poker players.

Poker Deposit & Withdrawal Options in the UK

Having in mind the advanced licensing requirements and benefits for UK poker players, it’s easy to assume that they wouldn’t normally face problems with money transfers. Namely, deposits and withdrawals are also included in the standards that have to be met. Hence, these poker players are bound to receive prompt and quality service each time they ask for it.

The variety of options is quite expansive, as they get all their standard card payment methods, as well as a possibility for direct cash transfers with companies like Western Union or MoneyGram, wire transfers and even checks. More contemporary solutions are also available, since UK players can deposit and withdraw funds using e-wallets to store their money or their cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, it’s up to you and your preference when choosing the best online poker room that fits your needs.

Currency Exchange

The matter of money transfers between the poker players and the online poker rooms and casino sites in general prompts the issue of currencies. Most UK-dedicated or predominant gambling sites tend to set the Euro or the British Pound as the default currency. Still, these sites are also more or less internationally-oriented, which is why some of them include a variety of other major currencies. In any case, there is no need to worry about this matter since virtually all of them include a fast, functional converter that syncs with the current exchange rates of the currencies.

UK Online Poker Bonuses & Promotions

Although different poker players have their own perception of these bonuses and promotions, there is an overall “free” character which makes them appealing at one point or another. When selecting your preferred online poker rooms, you’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of poker bonuses for all types of accounts. Most poker sites have No Deposit and Initial Deposit bonuses, as well as multiple promotions and benefits for loyal players or during special time periods.

These poker sites even include play money accounts as precursors to the real money games in order to get players started. Some even promote certain lessons or tips on the game basics in order to attract a wider player base.

UK Tax Policy

Some countries have completely banned the practice of online gambling, including online poker of course. Most of them are predominantly worried about the corruptive possibilities and their anti-money laundering policies which might clash with some of the more liberal payment methods at these gambling sites. On the other hand, there are states which tend to keep online gambling as a grey area. This helps the poker players gain access to literally any gambling site available to them, but it deprives them of any legal rights and protection.

In the UK, this matter is completely regulated and legalized, which enables the country to profit from the online gambling sites’ profits.

In other words, the lawfulness of online gambling has provided the UK government to tax all gambling institutions, online or land-based. That way, these institutions can function without any obstructions – as long as they do it properly – while the country can collect revenues from them. As for UK citizens gambling online, there are no tax policies or requirements. Therefore, your winnings would be completely yours, of course once the transfer fees of your chosen payment method have been calculated.

Even if you choose to disregard most of the points made here, you should be able to end up with a solid poker site as long as you choose from the list of licensed and regulated operators. This is true for both UK-based players and those from other parts of the world who wish to get one of the safest online poker experiences available.


This is one of the novelties introduced by UK poker sites prompted by the popularity of Apple products. Due to it, players can enjoy online poker from their favorite platform.
Online poker rooms in the UK and all over the world can be played either through Instant Play version or downloadable software, or both. It all depends on the site you have chosen.
Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, Stud and even Badugi in all their variants and limits are available for UK poker players. The best thing to do is to choose your games and start from those sites.
The 2014 Gambling Licensing and Advertising Act has brought about the most crucial provisions which have developed into the current situation.
This option normally depends on the poker room and their software setup. However, most UK poker sites are equipped with high-quality software which normally includes this option.