College Student Pays Tuition Fees Three Times Over With Poker Winnings

College Student Pays Tuition Fees Three Times Over With Poker Winnings October 21, 2014 October 21, 2014 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Oct 21, 2014 | Updated on  Oct 21, 2014 by Tim Glocks

Harry LodgeMost kids going to college have to take student loans or depend on their parents to put them through college. Harry Lodge from the UK took up playing poker as a hobby and soon found that he could earn sufficient money to pay his tuition fees and maintain a healthy cash flow.

Harry is studing a degree in economics at Exeter University. He started playing poker as a pastime with his friends for just a pound. Harry took an avid interest in poker and started spending time reading and studying the game.

He started getting more skilful and as soon as he turned 18, he signed up at an online poker website by paying a deposit of £20.

Harry successfully grew that deposit and since then has earned well over a £100,000, enough money for him to pay of his tuition fees and save some in the bank. One of the highlights of his short career till date includes making the final table at the 2013 PokerStars UKIPT Isle of Man tournament. He won £27,600 after finishing 5th in the tournament.

Harry used this money to pay of his tuition fees and invest into a high end computer which he uses to play online poker. He has been conservative with his money, saving most of it and investing some of it in the stock market. He spends most of his free time playing online poker and when time permits visits live poker tournaments. Harry is now focused on completing his degree and then taking up a full time poker career because he realizes that he can make more money playing poker than taking up a regular job after graduation.

Harry knows that a poker career will have its up and downs but wants to give it a try for the first few years. He believes that he is disciplined enough to continue to study the game, keep his emotions in check, control his bankroll and know when to pull out.

His advice to players who are just getting into the online poker industry is evaluate the risks carefully. Harry says

If you don’t know what you are doing in poker the risks can be extremely high. Operating a strict bankroll management regime in crucial. This involves setting aside a portion of your money solely for poker that in the worst case scenario you can afford to lose

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