How FTP Victims Can Check Their Real Money Balance

How FTP Victims Can Check Their Real Money Balance August 22, 2013 August 23, 2013 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Aug 22, 2013 | Updated on  Aug 23, 2013 by Tim Glocks

full tilt pokerMichael Gentile has provided guidelines on how Full Tilt Poker’s ex US players can find out when they will be paid, in a report published on Pokerfuse. The Garden City Group (GCG), a company recruited by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) to handle claims related to Full Tilt Poker players, has announced that it will start receiving claims from FTP’s US victims from September 13.

FTP’s US victims must now find out what their FTP balance was on Black Friday. To do this, players must first download the FTP software and install it on their PCs. Things will be easier if players remember their username and password. If not, they can request this information directly from the login screen.

Once players log into their account, FTP will inform them that they are either logging into their accounts from the US or have provided a US address while signing up.

To request account history, players must hit the “Requests” tab on the navigation bar and then hit the “Account History (Web)” network. Full Tilt Poker will then direct players to a fresh page, where they must choose the “All Types” option under Report. This will take them to the “Balance Type” option, in which they must hit the “Everything” tab. Obviously, players will be more interested in their real money balance as the DoJ is least likely to consider things such as tournament dollars and tickets while settling claims. But players are advised to make a note of this information in case the DoJ decides to include it.

Players should make sure they enter the Black Friday date, April 4, 2011, in the Time Range tab, as the last date. Players should check their records and see if there are any gaps in their historical transactions data, and in this case, they may wish to enter relevant dates to get the missing data. If players feel that they must be refunded an amount credited post Black Friday, they may wish to enter a later date to help them prove their point.

Players should then hit the Submit button and wait for an email from FTP, notifying them that their balance information is now available. As soon as they get this email, they must login to their FTP accounts once again and hit the Requests and Account History (Web) options. This time, they will be able to download a ZIP file with a spreadsheet containing all the information they need.

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