Russian Based Crazy Panda Surpasses 110M Players For Online Games

Russian Based Crazy Panda Surpasses 110M Players For Online Games December 12, 2014 December 12, 2014 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Dec 12, 2014 | Updated on  Dec 12, 2014 by Tim Glocks

Crazy PandaMost of the publicity surrounding the iGaming industry focuses on Europe and the United States. The iGaming industry has grown extremely popular and most gambling establishments compete fiercely to capture market share and build a large database of regular igaming players.

Crazy Panda, a company based in Russia has been under the radar so far because it has so far focused mostly on the Russian market. Crazy Panda was founded in 2010 and since then the company has built a number of innovative social games including online poker.

Crazy Panda has aggressively campaigned to establish itself as one of the leading igaming operators in Russia.

Crazy Panda recently announced that it has surpassed over $110 million registered users for all of its games. Evil Defenders. World Poker Club and The Household, are the most popular games and have played a major role in attracting and building this large database of players.

The company has grown by over 45% between July 2013 and November 2014 and uses a number of globe platforms to promote and market its list of titles. Crazy Panda now promotes 7 titles on popular domestic and international platforms such as,, Mobage, Yahoo! and Facebook. The company has also developed numerous mobile apps and has made them available via the android and iOS platforms.

Crazy Panda has plans to expand internationally during 2015 and will look to penetrate the American and European markets. In a statement, Bogdan Kuznetsov the CEO of Crazy Panda said

In just a few years, we have gone from being a small independent developer to a full development and publishing operation with more than 100 people working on and running our games business. We’re constantly looking to take our games to new audiences, add innovative features, and leverage the power of social networks to reach people around the world. Our growth is a testament to the team pushing that vision and executing on our strategic plan to be a top international publisher on mobile and social platforms.

The majority of iGaming players in America and Europe have not heard of Crazy Panda and have not had a chance to try out any of the social games. Crazy Panda knows that it will have to go through a rigorous process to obtain licenses in Europe and America but is determined to expand its scope of operations in 2015.

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