PartyPoker MILLIONS Offers Another $20 Million Guarantee

PartyPoker MILLIONS Offers Another $20 Million Guarantee April 4, 2019 April 4, 2019 Carolyn J Dawson
Posted on  Apr 4, 2019 | Updated on  Apr 4, 2019 by Carolyn J Dawson

partypoker millionsIt was in December of last year that the PartyPoker brand chose to hold its MILLIONS tournament and provide a guarantee of $20 million. That guarantee was smashed, with the prize pool soaring past that figure to reach a total of $21.8 million altogether, while experiencing entries from 4,637 players.

After setting that record, PartyPoker is aiming to repeat the success of the MILLIONS tournament, bringing it back with another $20 million guarantee as its prize pool. Now acting as the record-holder in terms of the world’s largest ever online poker tournament, the MILLIONS event is to make its return from November 24. The tournament will run for twelve days, culminating on December 4, with multiple first days being expected to take place.

For the time being, no information has been released regarding buy-ins, although there has been speculation that this may be double what it was last year. January saw the PartyPoker brand announce the schedule for the 2019 MILLIONS tournament. At the same time, the announcement stated that online entries will feature a buy-in of 10,000 in whatever local currency players are playing with. Judging by this, it’s likely that the MILLIONS Online will have a buy-in figure of $10,300.

The PartyPoker brand certainly seems thrilled about the end-of-year tournament, with a statement relating to the biggest single tournament on the homepage. However, the event is yet to be promoted properly.

Details of the MILLIONS Tournament

It was in December of 2017 that the first MILLIONS tournament took place. Yet, things were a little different back then, with the guaranteed prize pool only standing at $5 million. It still managed to attract a total of 1,047 entries though, making it PartyPoker’s largest online tournament at the time. Because of that, the operator chose to quadruple the guarantee just the following year, marking the $20 million pool that was seen in action in 2018. That was the first time that an online poker tournament had ever carried such a huge guarantee. It also saw PartyPoker soar past PokerStars to claim the top spot, in terms of largest online tournament.

That’s not the only record that the 2018 MILLIONS tournament created though, because in the process, four millionaires were made. That’s the most ever made via a single online tournament. To add to that, a record turnout for a $5,300 buy-in was marked in the history books.

It was quite the event, with not many people believing that PartyPoker could reach the exceptionally ambitious $20 million guarantee. This was even true of some of the brand’s own employees and owners. However, with the boost past the $20 million mark that 2018 saw, there’s little doubt that PartyPoker will be looking to repeat that success and potentially set a new record.

For the time being though, the operator is running its online series known as Powerfest. The event kicked off on Sunday and it will culminate with five championship events – each of which comes with $6.5 million in guaranteed prizes to be won.

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