Full Tilt Poker Is Open and Back Online

Full Tilt Poker Is Open and Back Online April 17, 2012 May 4, 2012 Carolyn J Dawson https://www.poker-online.com/author/carolyn
Posted on  Apr 17, 2012 | Updated on  May 4, 2012 by Carolyn J Dawson

Full Tilt Poker, a site that was closed down last year by the US Department of Justice on the eventful Black Friday, appears to have opened its doors once more.

This is a remarkable development for those poker players who thought that their money would be stuck in the Full Tilt Poker site, as they just may be able to get it back if the site continues to stay open.

However, despite the green light and the Full Tilt Poker systems being operational again, players have not yet been able to log in to their accounts and have been asked to upgrade their software to the 4.45.10 version.

The site has finally gone back online after along period of silence since June of last year. on visiting the website, poker players will be able to see that the Full Tilt Poker light is green and the site’s systems have announced that the “all systems are currently operational.”

What’s more, players will also find that over 400 players have logged in and are currently online as per the data log running on the home page.

It remains to be seen if the Full Tilt Poker site is open for good and will continue to stay operational and work out its issues with the players or if it is just running a test launch for a possible new software upgrade. As of now, players have been unable to access any actual poker games and participate in them but players were able to note some new changes on the site. These included interesting new poker player avatars and customer support services.

Many believe that whoever is running the site now is just doing a software check and testing out the new software in the hopes of preparing for a relaunch of the site. Another factor that has fueled this rumor was news stories that claimed that FullTilt was planning to re-open because Pocket Kings, a subsidiary of the Full Tilt Poker company was hiring staff for customer support and other services with an urgent requirement.

Now it remains to be seen, if the poker room will reopen and function as it once did, hosting poker tournaments and the like under new management. Poker players are also waiting eagerly to see if they will get their money back from the online poker room.

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