Poker Players Alliance Launches New “Never Fold” Campaign To Legislate US Online Poker

Poker Players Alliance Launches New “Never Fold” Campaign To Legislate US Online Poker April 13, 2012 May 4, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Apr 13, 2012 | Updated on  May 4, 2012 by Tim Glocks

The Poker Players Alliance or the PPA, a non-profit organization that is fighting for online poker in the US with a strong member base made up of several poker professionals, recently announced that it had launched a brand new campaign called “Never Fold.”

The new initiative has been introduced just in time for the first year anniversary of Black Friday which is due to happen in a few days. The Never Fold campaign calls for players to not give up and continue to fight for the cause.

John Pappas, the executive director of the PPA, is rallying both players and other organizations for the campaign and has asked that supporters “never fold in the fight for America’s greatest card game.”

Pappas is very zealous about the cause and remarked that it had “almost a year since over a million american poker players rights were damaged ” He also mentioned that the PPA was looking to function as “united force” while “calling on Congress to turn around there decision and give back the freedom taken away.”

To help the Never Fold campaign the PPA will be organizing a fund raiser called Never Fold Money Bomb to support the cause financially, while simultaneously creating awareness in the world through social media advertising.

One of the efforts involves poker players and those interested in seeing online poker legalized in the United States, visiting the PPA site and download their new ‘Black Friday’ avatar with their logo. Poker players can then use this image as their profile picture or upload on to their accounts to spread awareness about the PPA and Never Fold. It is expected that players will use this image on their Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.

Poker supporters who have websites are encouraged to publish ads and banners from the campaign on their site.

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