Poker Player Marafioti Accused of Hacking Molson’s Account

Poker Player Marafioti Accused of Hacking Molson’s Account August 15, 2012 August 15, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Aug 15, 2012 | Updated on  Aug 15, 2012 by Tim Glocks

A user called cbt5000 recently posted what he called a “disturbing conversation between Matt (Adz124) Marafioti and Samer Rahman,” which was sent to him through email by “a very reliable source who chooses to remain unnamed.”

The poster claimed that he had posted the information “to warn others who may have had their computers compromised by either of the two” and also because he “can’t sit on this information knowing that people may have been victimized” by the two.

PokerNews broke the news of this post and the interest it had caused in the Twoplustwo community. According to PokerNews, Matt Marafioti appears to the surrounded by controversies and rumors these days. Owing to the allegations that he and Samer Rahman, an IT expert, have been hatching a plot to hack another poker player’s account to view his hole cards, the poker gaming community is not very nice to him right now.

Unknown user cbt5000 posted an entire Skype conversation, which allegedly took place between Rahman and Marafioti, who were discussing various ways to hack the online poker account of Will Molson, a Canadian professional poker player, who plays under the moniker of molswi47. Allegedly, Marafioti wanted to hack Molson’s account so that he could see his hole cards and cheat him in a game of poker.

According to the Skype conversation posted on, Marafioti says, Let’s def get molswi. I can access his computers I think and he will play me all day.

Needless to say, both Rahman and Marafioti have defended themselves, but they have told two different stories. According to Marafioti, Rahman is his friend and someone has heavily doctored one of his Skype conversations with him. Rahman, however, denies that he is connected to Marafioti. users, in the meantime, enthusiastically discussed the issue and some of them even posted pictures of Marafioti and Rahman, proving that the two definitely have a relationship. The fact that Marafioti’s friend William Reynolds has posted a number of tweets about Molson posted by Marafioti and sent to him through email further indicates that the allegations could be true.

It may be recalled that Marafioti was once associated with Mohamed Kowssarie, who allegedly hacked the poker accounts of online poker players Patrik Antonius and Johnny Lodden in 2007 and robbed them of millions of dollars. Although Antonius accused Kowssarie of planting Trojan viruses on his computer to view his hole cards, Kowssarie denied all these allegations.

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