Canadian Poker Sites – List of poker sites that are available to players from Canada

Getting the right online poker room which fits your requirements is easy, especially for Canadians. If you live in Canada there are a number of good poker sites to choose from. Some of the best sites in the world are offered in Canada and you can find them just by taking a look through.

All you need to bear in mind are some basic guidelines which will help protect you from any malicious websites or unfortunate coincidences.

Best Canadian Poker Sites for June 2018

Terms and Conditions apply. Must be +18 to participate.

All Poker Rooms are Licensed , Mobile Friendly


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Legal Poker Aspects & Law Regulations in Canada

The legality of online poker games and gambling in general is uniquely regulated in Canada. Generally speaking, there are no legal obstacles which could prevent online poker players from practicing their favorite hobby. Moreover, there are no legal acts which sanction and approve of it either. Hence, online poker players and gamblers in general have found themselves in a grey online gambling area.

In any case, Canadian players have definitely made the most of their situation. This has been proven by the fact that some of the best poker players in the world originate from those lands. All in all, no one has been charged for online gambling up until now, despite the lack of any legal regulative.

The licensing aspect of Canadian poker sites is also important for the overall legality of their services. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is one of the most frequent licensing authorities for these poker sites, although they can also be regulated by other bodies. As such, they often get licenses from the Alderney or Gibraltar Commissions, or even from the most renowned and stringent UK Gambling Commission.

Poker Tax Policy in Canada

Canadian authorities may not have determined the precise wording regarding the legal aspects of online gambling, but they do have specific taxation policies. The fact that Canada is divided into regions enables each player to adhere to their region’s provisions.

Technically speaking, Canadian players are subject to taxes while playing online poker. Nevertheless, there are certain conditions. Namely, the taxation only applies to the players’ winnings, without taking into account their losses. Plus, the general condition which can subject players to these policies is that they have to earn enough money from this game so that it can be considered as their “job”. Overall, imposing taxes on online poker players in Canada is a rare sight, and those who go through it have normally won enough money to keep them from bothering about taxes.

Online Poker Bonuses & Promotions for Canadians

Aside from all the regulations, there are the regular bonuses and promotions that attract a lot of poker players to these sites on a daily basis. Even though this is their main purpose, you could find some bonuses which might actually help your game play.

When going through the poker bonus offers from multiple sites, make sure you check for all the aspects of the bonus. Understandably, everyone’s trying to get the bonus that offers the most money for the smallest deposit.

When doing that, you ought to look at the terms and conditions behind the bonus and understand its clearing requirements. Promotions are also common among Canadian poker sites, although they usually come further down the way. In that time you should be able to note whether the specific poker site is good or bad.

Paying attention to the fine print at these bonus offers might just help you increase your bankroll without causing any damage to your game play further down the line.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Canadians are fond of their country’s currency and tend to go with those poker sites which support the Canadian Dollar as a possible payment option. Even though most major sites have included this currency, it is still an indicator that can tell you whether or not the poker site is reliable.

Once you make sure the site has your chosen currency option, you need to check for the depositing and withdrawing methods. Most Canadian poker sites offer the standard credit and debit card options, as well as multiple e-wallets such as PayPal, Neteller and many more. This is the same for withdrawals, which are an even bigger concern for poker sites that wish to provide their players with both good and fast service. Furthermore, even the big international poker sites have managed to implement some specific local payment methods. The presence of these financial institutions has greatly increased the number of online poker players.

Customer Service

The customer service is a major factor when determining which site is trustworthy enough for you to confide your money in their accounts. Always make sure you try to reach the customer service representatives and test their assistance capabilities.

One major issue regarding customer service when it comes to the Canadians is the language. Namely, many Canadian citizens speak French as their native language, which is why they prefer having a customer service representative who can assist them in French. This matter is often decisive for many French-speaking poker players, as there are even sites which include a French version of their software.


Lastly, when looking at Canadian poker players, there are some very good top notch players and a larger number of bad players. If you site select carefully and play within your means, you will be able to first find good games, and second win a lot of money. It isn’t out of the question for any player to see big upswings if you are smart about it. The whole key is to find the correct games to play and find the games that will show you having the biggest profit.


These poker sites aren’t solely dedicated to the Canadian market. They are open and running 24/7 all throughout the year which regulates the player traffic and provides stable action.

The tournaments and cash games offered at these poker sites depend on each individual site. Globally speaking, there are still enough scheduled tournaments and similar events all the time.

Although this is another individual aspect of each poker site, this time largely depends on the chosen payment method. The best ones provide prompt and secure payout within 1-2 days.

The multitabling option is normally available at poker sites which work with high quality software. Considering the Canadian poker rooms, you are bound to find multitabling options everywhere.

The minimum online gambling age depends on the country’s legal regulations which need to be explicitly shown on the sites. In Canada, these age restrictions mainly depend on the regional laws.