Canadian Poker Sites

Canadian Poker Sites – List of poker sites that are available to players from Canada

If you live in Canada there are a number of good poker sites to choose from. Some of the best sites in the world are offered in Canada and you can find them just by taking a look through. At 888 Poker you will find one of the best in the industry when it comes down to it. This site is a constantly building site as far as their player base along with being voted the best operator of the year in 2011. This is an honor that no other site has gotten and one reason why you should choose 888 Poker to play your poker at.

Best Canadian Poker Sites
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TigerGaming Poker
Party Poker
William Hill Poker
Sky Poker
Bodog Poker
  1. Pokerstars : Another top site that has a reputation for greatness is Pokerstars. With the recent drop off from 2011, deleting a large number of their player base out from the United States, you will find that games aren’t as aggressive as they once were. The games are far easier than they used to be and if you are looking for good games and bigger stakes, then Pokerstars is a good site to get going on. Also, with bigger stakes and less difficult games running, you can make a significant profit if you are a seasoned professional. This is a site that now is filled with bad players and games that are more than beatable. If you like heads up games or tournaments, you can find it here.
  2. Party Poker and Winner Poker : There are so many other sites that fall into the category of good for Canadian players such as Party Poker, which has been around for a very long time and isn’t going away any time soon. On Party Poker you can find tons of games with tons of regular players. This is a site that has been built for years and will be one that is there for years to come. A number of solid players and also fish will play on Party Poker. Another site that is good to play on is Winner Poker. Winner Poker is a branch off of the IPoker network.

    On this site you will not find as many big games running all that often, but you will find very soft tournament fields. The tournament fields on this site at the lower limits and even up to the higher limits is extremely beatable. The reason is because there aren’t that many good players who play on this site. Occasionally an aggressive player or two will come up, but in general, this site has a large number of passive players who you can run over. If you are looking for a site to build up a bankroll on then Winner Poker could be it for you.

Lastly, when looking at Canadian poker players, there are some very good top notch players and a larger number of bad players. If you site select carefully and play within your means, you will be able to first find good games, and second win a lot of money. It isn’t out of the question for any player to see big upswings if you are smart about it. The whole key is to find the correct games to play and find the games that will show you having the biggest profit.