PokerStars Could Be Lining Up Double-Board Omaha

PokerStars Could Be Lining Up Double-Board Omaha February 25, 2019 February 25, 2019 Carolyn J Dawson
Posted on  Feb 25, 2019 | Updated on  Feb 25, 2019 by Carolyn J Dawson

pokerstars online pokerThe PokerStars platform may not have been in the news for all the most positive reasons recently, what with the fact that several high-profile stars have left its Team Pro. However, potentially as part of its intent to switch things up and turn things around a little, PokerStars could be bringing the game of Double-Board Omaha to its platform.

According to a recent report by PokerFuse, the world-renowned poker platform may be looking to give its four-card gamers a bit more of a thrill with this version of the game. This looks like it will be the latest intriguing and new poker offering at PokerStars since it began rolling out innovative versions of games last spring when Split Hold’em came to light.

In more recent times, the brand introduced its players to a 6+ Hold’em version of poker, which is a variance on the short deck game experiencing popularity on the continent of Asia for some time already. However, since it started leaking into various poker rooms across the globe, PokerStars chose to integrate it into its own site, too. For the time being, it isn’t known whether the Double-Board Omaha offering will replace the 6+ Hold’em game, or if the two will appear at the poker room together.

What Does Split Omaha Bring to the Table?

It’s clear that if PokerStars does decide to introduce the Split Omaha offering, then it will be graphically as sound as many of the other games at the platform. As with the Split Hold’em games, it seems as though nothing is being held back in terms of an Omaha Double-Board option.

As with Split Hold’em, it seems as though Split Omaha will be able to provide much the same kind of layout. Split Omaha should basically follow in much the same style. The major difference will be that in Split Omaha, players will be holding four cards in their hand, rather than two like Split Hold’em.

Many players opt for Omaha games due to the fact that its easier to make strong hands when you’re holding four cards, especially considering that in this version there will be two boards, with split-plot mechanics in play.

It seems as though this is the key in PokerStars’ bid to retain its world dominance at the top of the online poker rankings. With platforms like PartyPoker being hot on its tail, it needs to roll something out to keep the second-ranked brand from overtaking. With a slew of novel games being brought to the forefront of PokerStars, this gives its players the opportunity to branch out from what they usually play and take enjoyment from being dealt cards and playing in a slightly alternative way.

Each of the previous new games that the poker room introduced to its gamers remained on the site for about two months or so, but because of the popularity of 6+ Hold’em at the site, some have speculated as to whether it will remain as a permanent fixture at PokerStars. Could the same possibly occur with Split-Board Omaha?

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