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Omaha Poker –  A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the Basics of Omaha Poker

Posted on  Mar 19, 2012 | Updated on  Sep 7, 2018 by Carolyn J Dawson

Second in popularity only to Texas Hold’em, Omaha Poker is a favorite of poker players all over the world. This variant requires players to make the best possible 5 card hand that they can out of the cards dealt to them.

Learn how to play Omaha Poker using our demo game below:

Omaha Poker is a lot like Hold’em but has a few changes incorporated into it that makes it stand out from the rest. The game is played with 4 face –down or hole cards and five face-up cards or community cards. Each player will be required to use any 2 of the hole cards dealt to them alongside three of the community cards dealt to all the players to make a winning hand of 5. Players will find that there are many variants of Omaha Poker such as Omaha Hi Lo Poker, Omaha Pot Limit Poker, Omaha No – limit Poker and Omaha Limit Poker.

Brief Omaha Poker History

When it comes to poker games, it is very hard to trace the exact origin of a game and it is no different with Omaha Poker. The game was first introduced on a noteworthy scale by Robert Turner, a casino bigwig who took the game to Bill Boyd. Eventually, Boyd launched Omaha Poker at a casino called the Las Vegas Golden Nugget Casino.

Omaha Poker Rules

Poker players who are familiar with Texas Hold’em may find it easier to play Omaha poker; however, it is vital that you understand the rules of the game before playing this poker variant for money. Players can opt to play Omaha Poker for fun at online poker rooms and learn how the game works before playing for real money.

In a game of Omaha Poker, players are dealt 4 hole cards and then 5 community cards. They will then be required to make the best 5 card hand that they can using a combination of cards from both sets. It is essential that a player use at least two face-down cards from what has been dealt to them and take the remaining from the community cards. The poker games feature blinds or bets and Limit game have both big and small blinds, of which the latter is usually half the value of the big blind.

The value of the blinds change according to the stakes and the game begins once each player gets his 4 hole cards. Players will have the options to raise, fold, call, bet or check and betting will proceed in a clockwise direction. After the first round of betting, the flop or revelation of the 3 community cards take place which is followed by a second round of betting. This leads to the Turn or 4th community card being dealt and finally the River – which is the last community card dealt.

The last step is the showdown, where any players left in the game reveal their best hands and the winner is determined.

Omaha Poker Tips and Strategy

While playing Omaha Poker it is important to keep in mind the flop and learn how to estimate your opponents. It is also vital to have a thorough knowledge of hand rankings and how to make a good poker hand. The next step is bankroll management where players will have to learn how to apply poker strategy according to which stage of the game they are in – post flop or pre-flop.

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