PokerStars USA Officially Rolls Out New Rewards Program

PokerStars USA Officially Rolls Out New Rewards Program March 22, 2022 March 22, 2022 David Edwards
Posted on  Mar 22, 2022 | Updated on  Mar 22, 2022 by David Edwards


  • PokerStars USA players will now enjoy a fixed cashback of at least 15%, up to 33%
  • The Monthly Poker Challenges have been scrapped for US players, but they’ll enjoy more rewards in certain tiers
  • PokerStars’ new rewards program is the most generous one in the US market

PokerStars‘ new loyalty program has now officially debuted in the US.

The new program was rolled out in full across the site’s global market in October 2021, with the US initially left out. Now, players in New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania can finally reap the benefits of the new program which offers fixed cashback and uses a fairer, clearer, and more transparent system in handing out rewards.

PokerStars USA Rewards Program – Main Features

The main features of PokerStars’ new loyalty program include giving away a minimum rakeback of 15% to players regardless of their profile. That figure could go as high as 33% depending on the level reached. This is a major U-turn from the old system which should excite the high volume and winning players. Rewards can also be earned at high-stakes games.

While the Chest system has been retained, the rewards randomization, which was adopted in the previous program, has now been entirely dropped. With Chest values now fixed, players get a fairer shot at earning rewards and boosting their bankroll. The six tiers (Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Black) remain in place and players earn more rewards as they progress to a higher tier. Chests can be unlocked by earning the required points.

It should be noted though that the rewards program applicable to US players does not include all of the features currently in effect across PokerStars’ rest-of-the-world market. For instance, US players will not be able to take part in Monthly Poker Challenges (MPCs) which would have given them the opportunity to earn an extra 40% rakeback. While this is the case, PokerStars may still run challenges as part of their promotions and players will be allowed to participate.

The rewards on offer in the Gold, Diamond, and Black chests have also been tweaked, with American players enjoying more rewards than their dot-com counterparts. The maximum fixed reward for US players has also been increased to 33%. In the dot-com market, players can only earn up to 25% rakeback.

Richest Rewards Program in US Online Poker

The new rewards program is the richest and most generous in the US market, according to PokerStars and the operator could be right. Currently, WSOP offers a maximum rakeback of 32%, while partypoker and BetMGM’s highest rakeback sits at 30%.

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