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Licensed New Jersey Poker rooms to play for real money online poker

Posted on  Jul 5, 2013 | Updated on  Sep 7, 2018 by Tim Glocks

New JerseyOne of the most forward thinking US States, that being New Jersey, have given the green light for online poker sites to operate in their jurisdiction, earlier this year they requested that anyone with an interest to operate such a poker site should contact their licensing department and submit proposals in regards to these companies going through their strict and newly put in place vetting procedure and licensing process.

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One of the requisites to becoming a fully licensed online poker site in New Jersey was that the company supplying such a service should already ideally be a current holder of a land based gaming license and/or be an established online poker site operator, who has not fallen foul of the US Government in recent times!

It is worth noting that in recent times many online poker site operators as well as some financial processors who enabled US gamblers to access their services, which included being able to send gaming funds offshore into online gambling related sites, have been coming forward and cutting deals in which they turn over large “fines” to the US Government to wipe the slate clean in regards to their past “crimes”.

This has finally cleared the way for some of the biggest names in both online poker and online gambling to agree tie ups and partnerships between their operations and legalised land based casinos in some US States, they have then submitted proposals to their respective licensing authorities to allow them to try an attain a license to operate and supply their online poker offerings in those jurisdictions.

New Jersey State Licensed Poker Rooms

The first official tie up between an online poker site operator and a land based casino sees Poker Stars, who have been providing online poker offerings for a number of years now putting in place an online poker site for the Resorts Casino and Hotel venue located in the popular gambling New Jersey Mecca that is the Atlantic City district.

The New Jersey licensing authority have given all interested parties until July 29th of this year to have a set of proposals in place, and whilst at this moment in time there does not appear to be any other land based casinos or online poker site operators throwing their hats into the ring in additional to PokerStars and the Resorts Casino and Hotel, you can never tell what is about to happen and some late entrants into this soon to be legalised industry may just appear.

Online Poker Laws in the USA

The laws surrounding online poker sites in the USA are extremely complicated at this moment in time, as each US State are able to legalize online gaming independently, whether it is online casinos, online poker or online betting each States gambling regulators are busy putting together the blue prints required to allow them to have the capability of licensing such sites which ensure they meet the required standards.

New Jersey are the first such State to have put together a robust set of standards to ensure fair play and integrity in regards to all sites that they have approved and rubber stamped, and as it to be expected we should see other US States following New Jersey in the coming months, with Nevada being another state who are currently in the final stages of putting together their own set of standards.

The over-riding factors regarding your ability to be able to play poker online in the US will be where it is you are actually intending to play poker games from, should you physically be in a US State where online poker is legal then you will of course have no problems being able to play poker online for real money.

However if accessing the sites from a so far unlicensed State, then you will be unable to play as the requirements of all licensing regulatory jurisdictions require the poker sites to have geo targeting set up, which means the poker site operators are able to tell where you are accessing the poker site from and it will block anyone not currently living or playing from the legalized State.

Playing Online Poker Legally in the USA

As the USA moves towards legalising playing poker in all US States, then it is going to be a boom industry in the coming months and years, with players already being well versed in how to play poker online as many of them have been playing at sites based outside of the US for years now, there are however some additional safe guards now being offered via the soon to be legal US Online Poker sites.

The first is of course the fairness of the actual poker games themselves, some offshore based online poker sites have been busted recently for providing unfair games, either intentionally gaffed or having bugs in the software and/or the back end of the poker sites which have enabled some players aware of them to take advantage of the software errors.

However thanks to a robust and dynamic set of regulatory requirements by becoming an online poker player accessing legal US poker sites then you are going to be accessing completely fair poker sites using safe and certified random poker software, as the licensing authorities, as part of their strict licensing requirements have encompassed the testing and verification of the poker sites software platforms as part of the licensing procedure.

Legal US Online Poker Game Variants

You are going to find a complete set of online poker games becoming legally available to you if you are a US Poker player wishing to play poker online, and some of the game variants that will be available include Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi Low and both 5 and 7 Card Stud poker games plus plenty of other poker games you may not have come across before.

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