partypoker Brings Back Its Daily Fastforward Rake Races Promo

partypoker Brings Back Its Daily Fastforward Rake Races Promo July 19, 2018 July 19, 2018 David Edwards
Posted on  Jul 19, 2018 | Updated on  Jul 19, 2018 by David Edwards

partypoker Fastforward Rake Racepartypoker’s daily FastForward rake races is once again being promoted for a limited time only. The promotion started on July 18 and will run till July 29.

Players who take part in this promotion will have a crack at the daily $6000 prize pool which is to be shared among the players who win.

partypoker’s own fast-fold game, FastForward works just like a 6-Max cash game, with one big twist: you can fast-fold your hand as soon as it’s dealt, transfer or “FastForward” to another table, where you’ll be dealt a possibly better hand that you had last.

This leads to more hands per hour than a standard 6-Max cash game, provided that you don’t like to linger on one table for too long. This gives players an opportunity to earn more cashback points and speed up the process of getting the partypoker bonus for new players.

The daily FastForward leaderboards will run from midnight to 23:59 Central European Time (GMT+2) from July 18, Thursday, to July 29, Sunday. If you’re a fan of fast-fold games like these, try your hand at the daily FastForward rake races before the limited offer expires.

How Does it Work?

One point toward the daily FastForward rake race leaderboard is awarded to players who contribute $1.00 to the rake, with fraction points given for fractions of a dollar contributed. The rake is taken from the pot just like with any other cash game.

Two leaderboards will run simultaneously for the duration of the promotion: the first for FastForward players with blinds of $0.02/$0.05 and $0.05/$0.10; the second for those with blinds of $0.10/$.025 and $0.25/$0.50. The first prize for the first leaderboard amounts to $250, while a much more substantial $1000 prize is reserved for the winner of the second leaderboard.

Consolation prizes for the leaderboards are at the least $5 for up to the 25 th placer for the first,and $30 for up to the 50 th placer for the second. Players are free to enter into both leaderboards simultaneously. Prizes will be awarded within 48 hours. Leaderboard pots can be earned by playing PL Omaha FastForward games, as well as NL Hold’em FastForward games.

Other partypoker Promotions

Aside from the daily FastForward rake races, there are a number of other exciting promotions and events that partypoker is set to host including the Millions online leaderboard and the POWER Series events.

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