Australian Poker Sites – List of poker rooms for players from Australia

If you live in Australia you should look to find some great poker action not just within the country, but from around the globe. There aren’t many sites if any that just offer play to Australia, so you will most likely be playing with people from all over the world.

In Australia you will find great poker action on a number of poker sites, and if you play your cards right some great high stakes poker action. Onling gambling is legal in Australia, you can read more below…

Best Australian Poker Sites for June 2018

Terms and Conditions apply. Must be +18 to participate.

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Australian Poker Legal Acts & Regulations

The legal situation in Australia when it comes to online gambling is quite clear. There is enough room for development as online poker rooms and casino sites are open for Aussies. The 2001 Internet Gambling Act rocked the boat a bit, but it only managed to forbid Australian citizens from owning an online gambling site within the country’s territory. Considering the fact that most of the sites visited by Australian players are normally offshore, this remained a minor obstruction in their world of online gambling.

In this regard, the offshore sites still needed to be licensed and regulated by some authoritative body. Australia still hasn’t formed its domestic commission, which is why most of their online poker rooms are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission or the Gibraltar Gaming Authority. Nevertheless, they are reliable bodies with strict policies, which is why there haven’t been many recorded problems regarding the sites’ RNGs, payouts or down times.

Poker Deposit & Withdrawal Options in Australia

The methods used to deposit and withdraw any funds on your online poker account tend to correspond to the everyday Australian life. Namely, the best poker sites open for this country’s players are able to provide the typical payment methods such as credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard or even gift cards, as well as wire transfers and multiple e-wallets. There are some additional methods used specifically for depositing, such as UKash, Diners credit cards and the popular Australian payment method POLi. Aside from these, withdrawals can be made with just about any of the previously mentioned means.

The variety of options is not a problem for these players, but their own currency is a different story. Most offshore poker sites which offer their services to Australian players are spread all over the world. This might serve players for extensive player traffic and inter-cultural exchanges, but it tends to push their currency out of the way. Thus, online poker rooms normally include a currency exchange option allowing Australian players to deposit their AUS dollars and exchange them for USD or the UK pound as more standard currencies.

Australian Bonus Offers & Player Traffic

The offshore poker sites which offer their services to Australians have a wide array of bonuses to keep them interested and appeal even more players by the hour. These are renowned operators with a trustworthy background, which is why players don’t need to worry about any scams. In fact, they can choose from the sign in bonuses which offer great matches, as well as multiple leaderboard challenges and loyalty programs for the regulars.

These sites also have a variety of players from all parts of the world. However, this isn’t necessarily good since most of them reside in Europe or the North American continent which makes it extremely difficult for Australian players to sync their time zones. This often poses a problem for low traffic hours, but the poker sites are doing their best to keep their players online by scheduling events and tournaments at those hours.

Game Selection & Tournaments

The game selection at Australian poker sites is nothing less than the one at other top notch poker rooms. Players from this country are able to enjoy Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, Razz, Seven Card Stud and much more. These come with different limits and buy-ins in order to make them approachable for everyone.

Both cash games and tournaments are common occasions for Australian poker players as well as those playing at the same sites from any other location on earth. These operators strive to provide their players with the best, so they tend to pack their schedules with all kinds of daily, weekly and monthly tournaments.

These tournaments are normally held at the peak hours, but not only for North American and European players. Australian poker players are also able to participate and make the most of these tournaments. Plus, these sites even offer the option of organizing your own tournaments which makes it perfect for scheduling them at the most suitable time for all parties.

Customer Service & Support

The customer service is an indispensible piece of the puzzle, yet players tend to disregard it until they actually need it. Therefore, the best thing to do is check their representatives and try out their response time.

However, due to the time difference, this aspect of the online poker rooms is known to fall behind. Thus, operators usually provide customer service and support during several hours just in case of emergencies.


These poker sites offer all the possibilities when it comes to table limits and buy-ins. These range from free tables and freeroll tournaments to enormous fees in order to suit everyone’s bankroll.

Each method offered at these sites has been verified and secured thoroughly. Still, if there was a need to choose, most players normally go with e-wallets due to the lack of personal info there.

Yes, some sites allow you to play without anyone knowing your real identity. They would generate a random nickname and allow you to access any of your chosen games without anyone knowing.

Apart from the variety of poker games, these sites include other types of games such as blackjack and roulette as an alternative whenever you want to relax.

Some Australian-friendly poker sites provide their players with a mobile option which comes either as a downloadable app or a mobile browser-adapted version of the poker site.