Online Poker Bonus – List of  Poker sites that offer best Poker Bonus deals

Grabbing an online poker bonus is a great way for smart new poker players to build a huge bankroll.
Making the first deposit is the most significant moment in the lives of online poker players. Most online poker beginners are anxious and possessive about their initial deposits and want them to not only last, but also become larger with poker winnings added to them. However, winning at online poker is easier said than done for many beginners, owing to which they have to suffer the agony of losing a few deposits till they finally learn the art of making money playing poker. Under these circumstances, free poker money in the form of online poker bonuses from online poker rooms comes as a blessing.

If players are smart enough and literally play their cards right, they can build a substantial bankroll using their online poker bonus. A large number of online poker rooms such as William Hill Poker, Ladbrokes Poker, Cake Poker, Bovada Poker, 888 Poker, PKR Poker, PokerStars, and others offer large first deposit bonuses. These bonuses not only serve the purpose of encouraging new comers to play real money poker, but also attract more new players.

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Free Poker Money

There are two ways for poker players to grab free poker money at online poker sites—first, sign up directly and second, sign up through approved affiliate sites. Players who sign up directly  will find some online poker bonus or the other waiting for them when they make an initial deposit. Players who sign up through approved affiliate sites, however, stand the chance of grabbing no-deposit bonuses or bonuses offered just for registering, free bankrolls, or larger deposit bonuses.

Online poker rooms offer poker bonuses as specific percentages of players’ initial deposit amounts. For instance, 888 Poker offers a first depositors’ bonus of 100 percent up to $400, which means that players’ deposits will be doubled. If players make a deposit of $10, they will receive a bonus of $10 and if they make a deposit of $200, they will receive a bonus of $200.

Online poker rooms might also offer reload bonuses or bonuses on re-deposits, birthday bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses, and loyalty bonuses, depending on individual online poker room operators.

Not Really Free : Some new poker players really believe that online poker bonuses can be withdrawn and taken home; however, if this happens, online poker rooms will be out of business. In order to stay in business, online poker rooms want more and more players to wager real money. The online poker bonus serves the purpose of encouraging players to play real money poker, which is why players cannot withdraw their online poker bonus. Instead, they are expected to use the bonus to play real money poker.

The truth is that online poker bonuses need to be unlocked. Online poker rooms, with the exception of a handful, do not credit poker bonuses directly into players’ real money accounts. Players first need to “unlock” or “clear” their bonuses by earning a specific number of loyalty points within a specified deadline. Some online poker rooms wait for players to unlock the entire bonus amount before crediting it to their real money accounts while others credit the bonus in the form of increments of $5 or $10. Players can earn loyalty points by playing real money poker at the online poker room.

Choosing the Best Poker Bonus

While choosing the best online poker bonus, it is important to remember that bigger is not always better. Before claiming a bonus, players must first read its terms and conditions to ascertain that they are indeed capable of unlocking it.