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Click and Buy Poker Sites – Top ClickAndBuy Poker sites

Posted on  Mar 19, 2012 | Updated on  Sep 7, 2018 by Tim Glocks

To use ClickandBuy, players need to register at ClickandBuy free of charge, choose a payment method such as credit card or eWallet, and make deposits in their online poker account from the chosen payment method through ClickandBuy.

ClickandBuy is an excellent alternative payment method or online payment processor for players who find it difficult to use their credit/debit cards to fund their online poker accounts. While the anti online gambling laws in many countries prevent players from using their credit/debit cards to fund gambling related activities, there is nothing to stop them from using their credit/debit cards for their ClickandBuy account.

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Advantages of using ClickandBuy payment option

Players can make their first withdrawal from their ClickandBuy accounts after maintaining a minimum balance of €10 for 10 continuous days. Another advantage of ClickandBuy is that players can register accounts at ClickandBuy absolutely free of charge; besides, the withdrawal fees charged by this eWallet are very low and affordable.

One of the most wonderful things about using ClickandBuy to fund one’s online poker account is that players do not even need to have the funds present in their accounts to make a transaction. Online poker rooms that accept ClickandBuy also accept purchases made on credit.

Another great advantage of using ClickandBuy is that customers from a wide range of countries across the world can use its services to pay thousands of online merchants from all over the globe. Besides, funding one’s ClickandBuy account is very easy; customers can use Visa, Amex, Discover, and MasterCard, along with CartSi and Solo, to fund their ClickandBuy accounts. The only downside is that US players cannot use ClickandBuy because of the unfriendly online gambling laws in their own country. However, ClickandBuy is immensely popular among European players.

How to Use ClickandBuy

With ClickandBuy, buyers pay in their own currency and the merchants and service providers receive payments in their own currency.

Players first need to register a ClickandBuy account to get started and choose a mode of payment. ClickandBuy offers a wide range of payment methods ranging from credit/debit cards to alternative payment methods. When an online poker payment is made, the amount is automatically deducted from the payment method selected.

ClickandBuy also has the Easy Collect Debit Authorization, in which the online merchant can be instructed to forward a total of all purchases made to ClickandBuy. This amount is then automatically removed from the method of payment chosen. This saves players the bother of confirming payment for every individual purchase made.

Before using ClickandBuy to make a payment, players must ensure that the method of method used is functional. For instance, if they have linked their prepaid cards or bank accounts to their ClickandBuy account, they must ensure that their prepaid cards are loaded and that their bank accounts contain money. Otherwise, it will result in payment failure.

ClickandBuy Poker Sites

  1. Party Poker – ClickandBuy account holders will have to visit the Party Poker cashier and register their accounts before being able to make a deposit.
  2. William Hill Poker – Poker players can make payments to their William Hill accounts in their own currency to see it appear in their online poker accounts as GBP or Euros.
  3. Titan Poker – After players fund their ClickandBuy accounts, they can easily transfer funds to their online poker gaming accounts and just as easily transfer winnings back to their ClickandBuy accounts.

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