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Excellent Flop Strategies for Beginners

Posted on  Sep 14, 2012 | Updated on  Sep 7, 2018 by Carolyn J Dawson

The three cards that are placed face up on the board after the first betting round in Texas Hold’em Poker are collectively called “the flop.” All the players at the table must use these cards to create the best poker hand. The flop is followed by another betting round, initiated by the player who sits to the dealer’s left.

Beginners who successfully reach the flop often get overwhelmed at this point of the game. They feel that they have played a good hand so far, but are not sure how things will turn out in the near future. Such beginners need to implement some tested and proven flop strategies. Here is a collection of interesting flop tips for confused Hold’em players.


Players on the flop must carefully evaluate their situation. They must carefully re-analyse their hand and determine once and for all if their hand has the potential to win the pot for them. Here are a few factors that players should consider on the flop:

  • Hand strength
  • Winning potential of the hand
  • Chip stacks
  • Table position

Players might feel that they do not really have the time to consider so many factors at a time, but if they do so, they will be able to make a wise decision. Making the best decision on the flop is of paramount importance because the jackpot begins growing in size from this point, and any mistake made post flop is going to cost the player plenty of money.

For instance, a player might have an A – J pair in his/her hand and the flop might comprise cards like Four, Ten, and Ace. Initially, players might be jubilant and feel that they are well on the way of winning, but after carefully considering the above-mentioned factors, they might feel that folding is a better option. It all depends on the situation at the table.

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Thinking about the present barely suffices; players should also give ample thought to the future. All the possible answers to the question, “What could happen to this hand in the near future?” are of equal importance. Players should especially think about what might happen on the turn as this will prevent them from getting into a fix on the turn.

The biggest mistake a player on the flop can make is to make a move based on flop situations without giving a thought to what might happen on the turn and the river.

Flop Strategies

Learning the best Texas Hold’em flop strategies and implementing them at the proper time is of great importance if players want to become Texas Hold’em winners.

  • Excellent hands can turn sour – Hold’em players must never pin all their hopes on their excellent starting hands because the best starting hands can turn sour. For example, players might feel that an Ace and a King in the hole and an eight, a nine, and a Jack on the flop is the best thing that has ever happened to them without considering the simple fact that a pair can easily defeat them.
  • Fold on the flop – If players feel that the flop cards have converted their excellent starting hands into the worst possible hand, they have to fold immediately. Players should never make the mistake of thinking that the river and the turn will save their hand because it never happens.For example, the flop might have a king or an ace, but players might not have these cards in their hand. This means that they do not have a pair or a better combination, and under these circumstances, they must fold instead of waiting for the river and the turn to save their hands.
  • Take the risk – Sometimes, players on the flop might feel that their hand has a chance of becoming the winner hand on the turn or the river. In such a case, players can take the risk. After all, the fun of playing Texas Hold’em lies in taking as many calculated risks as possible. Players can also play a bad hand if they feel they can fool their opponents into folding their better hands and leaving them free to grab a pot they do not really deserve.

There are plenty of flop strategies that players can implement to improve their chances of winning.

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